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Latest Research from the Pond

Article 1

Stem Cell Biotechs Report 2011 part I

The biotech sector is comprised of a host of small pharmaceuticals striving to make their mark in the lives of the patients they hope to save, heal, alleviate symptoms for or help in one form or another. With the targeted patient set successfully treated, each company and its investors hope to reap huge rewards on their investments of time and money. The stem cell biotechs is a budding group within the field that hopes to address unmet needs via its many mechanisms of stem cell production and application methods...Read More.

Article 2

Stem Cell Biotechs Report 2011 part II

In part I of this series, Neostem (NBS) and Aastrom (ASTM) stood out in a field of 6 stem cell biotechs with their advancing trials, recent financing, manufacturing capabilities and/or current revenue generation (not profitability as this will likely come with time, but rather just generation of funds now to reduce need for future financing). Here in part II we review 8 additional stem cell biotechs and their updates presented in February and March on their respective 2011 financials and accomplishments....Read More.